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Who: Anyone and everyone who wants to come! Everyone is invited! :D
What: Pool Party!
Where: Riku and Demyx's backyard
When: Right now!
Rating: We shall see!

It was summer.

That much was obvious according to the calender and the weather, but there was one little thing that was lacking to make it truly summer! And that missing link was something that Demyx was planning on changing as soon as he could! It was the middle of July, he and Riku had been at their house for a little over a year and they hadn't yet made use of their very, very nice pool! And, what better way to pass a summer day than a BBQ slash pool party?

Demyx hummed softly to himself as he gathered the things he needed from the trunk of his car, happily lighting the grill and poking at the charcoal briquetes every few moments to check that they were properly heating. He may not have been the best cook in the world, but he grew up learning how to barbeque with the best of them! While the grill was heating up, he double checked the condiment table and tossed a couple of beach balls into the pool.

"Hmm, I have a pool volleyball set somewhere. Now where did I put that stupid thing?" the blonde chewed on his bottom lip as he pulled up his swim trunks, making a mental note to get a new pair soon because the ones he was wearing were either stretching out from age or he was losing weight. He wasn't a fan of either option because he liked these shorts, dangit! He was immediately distracted from his search for the volleyball set by the sound of his phone ringing.

The voice on the other end was a welcome and very cute one and just happened to be one of the few people he'd gladly let talk for hours without trying to get a word in edgewise. The sound of his niece babbling and laughing at him was one sound that he'd never get tired of and he let her babble while he wandered around the spacious yard to finish getting things ready.



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Jul. 20th, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
There were days when Riku just hated this world.

For one thing, it just wasn't warm enough. He was generally cold all year round thanks to being so adjusted to a tropical climate, even though he hadn't been back to the islands in a year or so now. People looked at him strangely when, in the middle of July, he was walking around in jeans and a long-sleeved jacket. Today was no different as he sat out poolside in a
pair of loose jeans and a t-shirt with a red hooded jacket over the top, his new phone in his pocket and a book in his lap. Summer was the ideal chance for him to catch up on his reading and today he was reading one of the many books in Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' series. He'd finished 'The Bourne Identity' yesterday and the next book in his list would probably be
a Stephen King novel. He had every intention of just having some downtime today and doing some intense reading (and some chain smoking if he could get away with it without being shot at), but Demyx had decided that a pool party would be a far superior idea, to Riku's great chagrin.

He stayed on his lounger as he watched Demyx as he bustled about busily. Knowing his luck, the gathering would consist mostly of Demyx's friends from class who, if he was being frank, Riku didn't much care for. It was like being suffocated by egos, which he generally put down to being a law of the photography major. He got out his phone regardless and sent a text
to his sane friend, better known as his cousin Jenova, who was undoubtedly one of the strongest people he knew and the closest he'd ever had to a sister.

Demyx is throwing some kind of pool party. Save me and come keep me company before the egos land? x

The silver-haired islander then pocketed his phone and slipped the bookmark into his book, setting it aside as he took the box of Lucky Strikes out of his jacket pocket, placing one between his lips as he fished in his pants pocket for his lighter. Watching Demyx potter about was always rather amusing and he was waiting for the circus to start; maybe he would burn
something, or even himself, or drop something in the pool. His lighter found, Riku reached out for the small table a short distance from him, dragging it over and pulling the ashtray that sat on top of it closer to him, lighting his cigarette and taking a long drag as he listened to Demyx talking to himself and then babbling down the phone to his infant niece. The mental instinct to talk like a baby when a baby is around was one of the many reasons why he was against procreating.

He hoped Jenova would get his message and come. He had plans for some manner of tomfoolery in order to keep himself from killing one of the guests, and he wanted her to play an active role in his mission for self-amusement.
Jul. 20th, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
Demyx was entirely too wrapped up in his party planning and preperation that he hadn't even noticed that he was happily babbling back at his niece until the amused look on Riku's face alerted him to the fact that he was acting insane. He quickly put the conversation to an end, promising his sister that he would call her back later. His sister had been known to ramble at him for hours about things she'd told him over and over again and today just wasn't the day for that! He was planning for the biggest party of the summer! of course, said biggest party of the summer was very, very last minute and he hoped that people would show up, otherwise he and Riku were going to be eating nothing but hamburgers and hot dogs for weeks!

The blonde made his way around the pool and over to where Riku was sitting, moving up behind him and stealing a quick kiss. "Thanks for not murdering me at the mention of having a party! I know it took self control," he couldn't resist teasing his husband whenever the word party was mentioned because he knew how much a lightweight he was when it came to the booze. And Demyx just might have been planning to get Riku wasted so that he'd get some proper sleep. Riku had looked completely exhausted the past few weeks and it was worrying the recent graduate.

"it won't be so bad! Everyone we know is invited, which includes your boys and the guys from the swim team. And you know the bottomless pits that are your boys will be here just because I mentioned their favorite words: "Free food!" he laughed and kissed Riku again before making his way back over to the grill, satisfied to see that it was at the proper temprerature. "Hey Riku! You want a burger or a hot dog?"

The voice that answered him was familiar, but it wasn't Riku. Demyx grinned at the hamburger~ that was called across the yard as one of their friends from the swim team walked through the gate and gave the two of them a wave. "I take it this is the smoking section?" Adam asked with a grin as he sat down beside Riku and pulled his own pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. It was summer, he could live without the fear of their coach murdering him in his sleep when he was caught smoking by him. The man needed to get laid or something to calm him down, that was for sure!

Demyx glanced at his watch as he put a few more hamburger patties on the grill, the soft sound of the soft conversation that was going on across the yard barely reaching his ears as he began to worry a bit. Where was everyone?
Jul. 20th, 2010 04:45 pm (UTC)
If he was being honest, he hadn't had hot dogs or hamburgers in a pretty long time. He wasn't even that fond of them, especially since he found out, to his great regret, in his childhood what exactly was stuffed into those things. The memory continued to make Riku's stomach turn, and if that wasn't enough incentive to be put off them, the recollection of a high school sophomore year hot dog eating contest in which Sora had made the grievous error of participating was plenty of motivation. In that respect, he hoped people would show up to spare him from all of the insanely awful days and nights ahead of nothing but meat and who-knows-what-else.

And another thing was that Riku just wasn't the socialising kind. He had his moments where he could be a social butterfly, but generally he liked to be left in peace with his cigarettes and his books. Hence why he was hoping that perhaps Jenova would show up and be his saving grace. He knew they were both capable of being silly, even without alcohol in their systems, so the prospect of her company lightened him to the whole idea of a party a little. Plus his painkillers had been 'downgraded', so to speak, so now they weren't anywhere near as strong and his cast had even been changed to a much slimmer one that was a lot easier to have. Soon all of it would come off and he would just be happy to be rid of the thing.

Riku just spared Adam a small nod as he continued smoking his cigarette, taking his phone out of his pocket. As their captain, he would socialise well enough with the swim team if he had to, but on the whole he just thought they were a band of perverts and would-be rapists. Definitely more Demyx's crowd than his. And with that, he was reminded that, come next semester, he had to submit his proposal to do his doctorate. That was going to be a barrel of monkeys, that was for sure.

He was going to guilt his cousin into coming and rescuing him, no matter what it took. If there was a woman there, it would hopefully calm the raging hormones of the all-male environment in which he currently found himself. Besides, she was hard-ass and she'd break them if they tried anything. Plus she didn't get out enough, so he justified sending her a second message even more.
Jul. 21st, 2010 05:00 pm (UTC)
Jenova sighed running a had through her hair. Riku had invited her... well more like begged her... to go to the pool party Demyx was having. Well it was summer and she did have some summer clothes to wear and she did have to get out once in a while. Though she hadn't actually been in the labs this time around. She'd been laying under the air conditioner in her room with Avalanche and Ifrit reading a book.

Heading out to the student parking lot, the silver haired threw her backpack on and headed over to her new motorcycle. She needed a vehicle around here and in the summer, things called for one of these babies. She slipped inot her helmet and got on, speeding off for Riku's house.

She drove the back way, passing the backyard pool. All boys... figured. Her hair was down and just a stream of white behind her as she pulled around the house to the front and into the driveway.
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