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My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down [CLOSED]

Who: Axel and Xigbar
What: Male bonding over barbecue, beers, babies, dogs, music, and possible fire hazards.
Where: Xigbar's bachelor pad house.
When: Tuesday Afternoon.
Rating: PG13, just to be safe.

The first thing Axel had the pleasure to experience was the amount of parking spaces. Despite it being summer, people still needed to work - such was the benefits for a week day. Technically, he was supposed to be in the auto shop as well, like all good abiding citizens, but had asked for the day off to catch up on an old acquaintance. They had yet to update each other on the events in their lives, what they've done since they lost contact. Today was perfect, as Xigbar would have the house to himself, though with the kids. But his wife will be gone. Which worked for him just fine - he didn't want to deal with her after their previous...altercation in social networking. He would later, if need be, but right now he was in a good mood. He intended to keep it that way.

Flying his stick shift at a fifth gear speed that will surely get him triple tickets, he slowed it down into third gear as he went to parallel park in front of his companion's house, making a high pitched screeching sound in the process as he stopped abruptly. It was loud enough to have people come around outside to see if there was an accident, if the houses weren't empty. There was a thump around the back seat, and an annoyed bark came in respond to his recklessness. He scratched his head when he realized he had forgotten that his dog was there for a moment. "Sorry, Trillian."

Another angry bark of indignation was returned.

Smirking in amusement, he smoothly swerved into the small gap, and straightened it quickly, sliding up the one window that was opened for Trillian to poke her head out to the wind. He turned his engine off when he was done, unlocking the doors and getting out of the driver's seat. Freeing her, he rubbed the top of her head apologetically before motioning her to follow him, locking in the door as he closed it. Having Trillian go back and forth around his legs in excitement and impatience, he walked up to Xigbar's house, giving the front door three knocks as he reached it.



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Jul. 21st, 2010 07:58 am (UTC)
Xigbar leaned back against the bar in the kitchen, smirking as his step-son nearly vibrated with sheer enjoyment. The older one turned his head quickly when the younger threw his hands up in the air, soaked paintbrushes flinging colored sugar/water "paint" towards him.

"This is the best idea ever!" The excitement was far too much for the little body to contain, and Hunter let it show with a short squeak of joy, before turning back to his canvas of cookie, and his palette of frosting-paints.

"I'm glad you think so! Don't waste the cookie space, we can't really make anymore. Remind me to call mommy and have her pick up eggs and milk on the way home," he told the little runt, giving him a quick kiss on the head and a ruffle of the hair. Xigbar moved off to the edge of the kitchen, placing himself in the doorway of the hall that ran between kitchen and living room, where the twins sat with their toys and the dogs. Braig was more than happy to indulge in his shepherding instincts and keep the slowly crawling babies in one room, while Lady was helping the kids learn the amazing sport of Fetch.

"And don't make yourself the paper, alright? The only soap we have strong enough to get that out of your hair is Mama's shampoo, and you don't wanna go around smelling like a girl, do ya?" An afterthought.

"EW! NO! I really don't wanna have her soap make me make those noises she makes, too! I heard them on that commercial for 'Herbal Esses,' and it sounds bad!"

Xigbar smirked and rolled his eye. Yeah. It was totally the shampoo making her make those noises. A laugh sounded from him and he shook his head. A short meow called to him from the welcome mat. He looked to the gray feline who returned the look, the two eyes between them speaking silent commands to each other.

Another roll of the eye, and Xigbar leaned forward to open the front door for the cat. He cracked it a few inches, and the cat quickly made his way outside... or at least half outside. With front paws out on the concrete and back paw still on the tile, Dustball paused, staring up at the red head on the opposite side of the door.

"Oh, come on, make up your mind- in or out?" He had half a mind to shove the cat out side, but he wasn't quite that mean on something so beat up. Then he noticed what Dustball was staring at. A doggy, and above the doggy, a buddy.

"Huh? Oh, hey, man! Come on in- did you knock? I think you snuck one past the mutts," he smirked. The dogs still hadn't started barking.
Jul. 22nd, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
Axel calmly waited, only bringing a questionable look on his face when he faintly heard loud noises inside the building. One of them definitely sounded like a kid. The expression left rather quickly then. He was very aware that Xigbar had a step-son, and now had twins recently. It was only natural and normal that there would be a full house. He didn't know what to expect considering he wasn't that good with children...not that he ever had to deal with them much, but they always gravitated towards him for some reason he couldn't comprehend. Though he had a feeling his hair had something to do with it. Wondering if it was anywhere near chaotic as he had witnessed with other families, he got distracted when Trillian was heavily smelling, loudly, whatever her nose picked up under the door. It seemed to have her wag her tail furiously, and he was about to stop her mannerisms when the door in front of him opened a crack. What his jade colored eyes met was a cat, gazing at him rather guardedly with big pupils filled with curiosity as Trillian started barking in triumph. It ended up being a short staring contest, before Axel broke it with a shake of his head, and tried to sneak a peek as to what was behind the animal. Not that he needed to - Xigbar came into sight right off with a smirk. He returned the gesture back, in a sort of greeting, placing a hand behind his neck as he jokingly remarked, "Yeah, I knocked. Apparently, it flew by your ears. Getting old, there, man?"

He glanced back at the feline again, considering he was feeling the thing still gawking him, and he got a hiss for it. Though he didn't know if it was because of him, or the fact that Trillian was circling it in glee.
Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:42 pm (UTC)
Xigbar's smirk became wider and he snorted a short sound of laughter. He leaned over and picked up the cat, setting him on the window sill, safe and sound from the overly excited canine.

"'cause you're totally a spring chicken, right?" He asked, continuing on the age joke. He opened the door wider, letting the visitor come in. Although they hadn't heard the knock, the dogs certainly heard the sound of another dog in the hall, and came running from the living room to investigate. Although Lady was rather nice, though incredibly inquisitive, with other dogs, Braig could be REALLY territorial. However, with a shouted command from the one-eyed man, both dogs quickly planted themselves at the edge of the hallway. The younger dog continued inching herself forward, tail sweeping rapidly in anticipation to meet the new friend, while the older, taller dog sat still as a furry statue.

"Good pups," he praised, before leading them towards the back door.

"Here, you can let them run around and what not. I'm going to go get the kids and bring them out so I can watch them, and then bring out the goods," he told him, emphasizing the last two words. Drinks, and maybe something a little less legal.

"Also, if you're interested, I thought we'd fire up the grill. It'd give the lady a day off from cooking, and you get to burn things afterwards! Oh shit, that reminds me!" With that he was off.

Before too long, he returned, the twins in one arm and two cold six packs in the other. He sat them down in the grass not too far away. After setting the drinks down, he dug into his pocket to pull out two or three handfuls of low calibre ammunition. After that followed a pair of pliers and some film cannisters.

"Wanna make some fireworks?"
Jul. 23rd, 2010 11:32 pm (UTC)
"Don't know what you're talking about, Xigbar. My life's just starting, if you ask me," Axel quickly returned, his tone retaining some light amusement as he stepped inside once the cat was out of the way and he was welcomed to the home. That is, until he almost fell over due to Trillian running past him like a bat out of hell. Seemed she found another target now that the previous animal was gone, this time with fellow canines who were heading towards one another as much as she was. Placing his hands inside his pockets, Axel did a calm double whistle to his dog once he saw Xigbar give his own orders, who immediately pressed in her brakes as she obediently and abruptly stopped. She slid on a little from the momentum, and had turned her head to give him that puppy face whenever he usually ended her "fun". And it came with a whimper, to boot. He merely raised an eyebrow as he walked up, not telling her to go off until his friend gave the green light. He patted her back, and she slunk out the back door with the rest of the mutts, all in her happy steps.

He smirked slyly to himself when he heard Xigbar state he would bring out the "goods". With the babies, but with goods at least. He knew they were going to drink, that much was certain. Anything else, however, made him ponder a decision. He had stopped using drugs for a while now. Not that he had been an addict, as it was easy to let the vice go, but it definitely aided him at his worst moments back then. He figured, though, that it wouldn't hurt. He never had a problem, just that he had decided to get his shit together, as they say, and that was one of the things he chose to give up on. As a clean slate. Right now, he had a pretty good balanced life, minus the little scrapes here and there.

He was more interested in the fact that they were going to have a barbecue anyway. With fire. If anything was a strong temptation, it was his pyromania. Xigbar planned all this to his favor, he suspected, and his body couldn't help but be anxious at the thought of what was coming, despite that he was trying to control it. His lips slowly progressed from a slight smile to a devious fox-like grin. "I'm cooking."

And he was actually pretty good too, when it came to the grill. He didn't burn the meat all the time, if he dominated his desire of flames.

His companion had run off somewhere to give an answer, however, exclaiming that he had forgotten something. It wasn't until he came back that Axel realized what it was, gazing not at the beers or at the twins that he brought with him, but at the ammunition in Xigbar's hands waiting to be constructed. He didn't take his eyes off as he grabbed one, studying it for a while in deep curiosity. He wondered why there was even a need to ask whether he wanted to make fireworks. He hadn't done so in a long time...he had been deprived, and since this day was planned to be enjoyable, he was going to make it explosive. He chuckled low. "...remind me to visit you more often, Xigbar. You seem to understand my needs."

The chosen words in particular were on purpose, to mess around, and he motioned at the item in his grasp, obviously happy by this outcome. "Got any more?"
Jul. 24th, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)
Xigbar chuckled at the demand to cook. As long as the red head didn't over cook the steak, he was perfectly okay with it. "You wanna start the fire, then? I'll get the shit," he told him and headed towards the shed to dig out the briquettes and lighter fluid.

On the way there, he gave a short glance towards the babies crawling in the grass, watching as his daughter crawled too close to Marluxia's flowers for comfort. He gave a short whistle, and gave Braig a command. Braig barked once and bolted over to Heidi, grabbing her by the shirt and pants and carrying her laughing, clapping self over to join her brother, who was apparently incredibly interested in trying to figure out the grass- how did it f*@$%ing work?

His job done, Braig turned his attention to the newcomer. He smelled like the new dog, and so he must not be too bad, right? Although he had been trained and broken out of the old habit of jumping on people, Braig jumped and placed his paws on the arms of the lawn chair, pretty much trapping Axel where he sat. Stock still and rigid, Braig watched him for any hostile movements. There was a new person, and a new dog, in his territory, and he had to make sure they were okay to be there! After a brief but tense while, Braig wagged his tail and licked at the new face.

"Hey! Get your ass down, you furry son of a bitch!" Xigbar nudged his dog's hind quarters with his foot- not a kick, just enough to push him a bit- and Braig hopped down and bolted off into the yard barking. Xig set down the bag of charcoal and bottle of lighter fluid. "You know how to work this shit I assume? You do that, and I'll start this!"

He moved it towards Axel before sitting down next to the side table where the rounds and cannisters waited. He began removing the lead bullet from the brass casing, pouring the gun powder in a film cannister, and letting the two metal pieces fall into two different piles. At the question, Xig snorted.

"Do I have more of these? Pfffft, I should let you see my collection! I've got more ammunition than you probably know exists!" He smirked a bit and continued filling the cannister with powder.
Jul. 27th, 2010 08:50 am (UTC)
The pyromaniac side of him couldn't wait to watch and get his hands on anything flammable. It was the usual impulse that he couldn't keep handled. He had never seen a psychiatrist, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to go through behavior modification if he did. After so long, not being stirred by orange and yellow blazes sounded quite odd to him. His case wasn't dangerous, and as long as he could hold it off, he would. Besides, he didn't need any shrink to tell him what was the root of the problem. He was very aware of it.

Nonetheless, deciding to clear his mind, he relaxed in his seat, staring idly at the babies going near a patch of flowers. Apparently, it was not to be touched. He wondered for a moment as to why, and who did it belong to. Xigbar's wife certainly didn't seem like the type who would find enjoyment into planting seeds on the ground, tending to it patiently, and growing a garden. Let alone Xigbar himself. The whole vision of the two taking care of nature sort of even disturbed him.

Waiting for the items to be brought out, he focused on something else quickly, arms behind his head. He noticed Trillian getting to know her new female friend, and he was about to check where the other one was now that taking care of Xigbar's command was done before unknown forces answered it for him. If he didn't catch it in time, he would've jumped at how he suddenly had a dog's face near his, securing him to the chair, and studying him carefully. Trillian herself in the distance tensed and kept a close eye on them, waiting to hop in with any wrong movement to protect her master. Not that Axel couldn't deal with it on his own. He remained rather unfazed, blinking at the mutt before him with a curious expression. Almost an amusing one. Only to then give a loud sound of indignation as a tongue lapped his face, making him retract his head and turn it to the side as he jerked his body forward. Right close to his nose too. "Ght! Knock it off!"

Wiping the spot out after he regained his bearings once Xigbar shooed the perpetrator away, he nodded with a couple of blinks at the decision on who was going to work with what, and he got up to his feet. Guess that meant the dog liked him. Too much. Though it wasn't a problem to shrug off, considering he found it rather humorous. He still had that one ammunition in his grasp, but it was easy for him to carry the charcoal and lighter fluid over to the grill. His blood started rushing again at the prospect without his consent, and he rubbed his hands in agitation. As he set up, he gave a side glance to Xigbar, a devious grin on his lips, chuckling low. "Then you better get them ready to explode. When I get into it, it's hard to stop."

Which was true. "Also, what do you have on the menu? Burgers? Hot dogs? Grilled steak and chicken? Ribs? All?"
Jul. 28th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
The last phrase more or less alerted Xigbar to the possible bad ending this all could have. Signs of nervousness... warnings of becoming uncontrollable... demanding an action and then continuously seeking permission and assurance... his mind told him to take over and relieve Axel of the task at hand, but, well, he'd already been given it... and what better way to rile up an addict than to promise them their fix and then deprive them? He'd just watch carefully. The water hose was less than a yard away, and the barbecue pit was surrounded by concrete and brick. They'd be okay. Still, he'd ask.

"Hey, Flamsilocks, you look a little pale there. Are you alright? Do you need to take a sit or anything? I can take over if you want..."

He continued dissembling the shells and assembling the cannister flares, his golden eye on his redheaded friend the whole time. Obviously, he'd done this far too many times to be bothered by not watching himself.

The native dogs quickly crowded around the barbecue pit. They knew something was about to get cooked in it, and they knew their "daddy" could be pretty clumsy, especially when turning right, at times and that anything that hit the ground was rightfully theirs. So was any gristle or extra fat or burnt bits, or whatever they could beg off the cooker.

In the mean time, the twins followed their furry friends, Dilan imitating the barks and ruffs, while Heidi merely giggled at her brother.

"Yeah, I was thinkin' steaks for us and the lady when she gets home, and hot dogs for the kids, and then potatoes and corn on the cob for everyone. Sounds good? Or are you not a meat eater? Skinny fucker," he smirked.
Jul. 29th, 2010 03:10 am (UTC)
Axel felt the heat of the afternoon now on his back as he opened the top of the grill, taking out the cooking grid carefully. Placing it in a safe, clear spot, he pulled close the charcoal bag, and slipped his hand inside. It didn't take long for the carbon to fill the pan as he carried handfuls at once, stopping at a balanced amount despite himself. When that was done, he picked up the fluid, and spread the liquid all over. He made sure it got into every inch and cranny possible, because he wanted a bit of a show first before cooking. Pausing for a moment, he added a bit more of the substance than usual as he finished up. It wouldn't hurt. Inserting the grid back, he noted for a while that Xigbar's eyes were on him, though he pretended that he hadn't seen him and continued his work. Instead, he mostly focused on the fact that around him, the dogs were gathering, and he raised an eyebrow to himself. Either Xigbar gave them some meat while he usually cooked, or they got leftovers, or the bits that fell to the ground. Since he was the "chef" this time, he wondered if they'd be disappointed. Unless he gave them some. That could be arranged, and Trillian, who was watching it all calmly, could join in.

It wasn't until words were directed at him that he finally turned his attention over to his friend, sort of caught off guard at the question. He didn't show it much except that his eyes widened for a mili second quickly, before they returned to normal and molded with his devious expression. He shook his head, a jesting smirk on his face. "I'm fine, Xig. I can handle it. I've done so without incident so far."

Going back to then answer on what they were also going to make, he rolled his eyes at the last remark lightheartedly. His stomach was already growling at the meal it was going to be getting soon. Regardless of what others thought, he ate. "It's not my fault I have fast metabolism for a guy. You shouldn't be speaking either, Xigbar. You're not exactly buff, you know."

He was fooling around, of course He couldn't tell whether there was some truth to it, as he didn't pay attention to that sort of stuff, and he didn't truthfully care. But he could see Xigbar wasn't far from his shape. "We got to take the steaks and hot dogs out. And seasoning. Do you have some ribs too? I'll go over to the refrigerator, if you want, unless you have the food somewhere else."
Jul. 29th, 2010 05:30 am (UTC)
"Yeah," Xigbar laughed while he began cleaning up the casings and lead bullets. He could recreate them later. He was meaning to buy a better quality gun powder anyway.

"You handled it just fine, sure, but I'm pretty positive you didn't have ... what, practically explosives near by!" The fire was too far away to really do any damage to the two constructed improvised flares, but hey- better safe than sorry. And just because it was at a safe distance now didn't mean it wouldn't be should his redheaded friend decide throwing chunks of flaming charcoal was a fun idea. Not that Axel WOULD do something like that- Xigbar seriously doubted the other was that into it... but hey.

"I'll go get it- it's already thawed and seasoned, basted and marinated. I'm always prepared!"

He gave a short laugh and headed in to the kitchen. He was gone for at least a few minutes, probably longer than need be. Instead of him returning with the food, it was a rather colored Hunter bringing out a deep metal pan with juices and raw meat.

"Here ya go, Mizzer Axel," Hunter grinned widely and held the pan up as high as he could without spilling or dropping anything. "I'm not supposed to get near the hot pit! You're gonna have to take it! Then I gotta help clean up the mess in the kitchen! Carrot knocked over my sugar paints!"

When he'd successfully passed off the uncooked dinner, he turned back towards the door inside. He paused, giving his younger siblings a stern look. Dilan was trying to crawl up Braig's back while Heidi sat near by. Both of them were watching Axel - well, his hair at any rate- with great interest.

"Guys," he drew out exasperatedly. "It's not polite to stare! Go do somethin' else!" He shooed at them, but it did no good. He paid it no mind and ran off to help deal with the mess inside.
Jul. 31st, 2010 03:14 am (UTC)
Axel shifted his eyes to the side with another shake of the head, amused. Xigbar was exaggerating. Of course, he was looking forward to mess with the explosives more than a normal person would, but he wasn't a danger to the rest around him. Well, yet. He was always guarded, and while he added some more "sparks" to ammunition, it wasn't enough to cause an emergency. He could understand why would safety matter, though, considering the children, dogs, the house, and even themselves were near the vicinity. He supposed he would take it easy, then. Despite that the grill was very secured as is. Nodding as Xigbar offered to get the food instead, he messed with the tongs, going over to where he saw a hose. He washed it, just in case, since it was there and he didn't know if Xigbar had it cleaned. Once finished, he dried it with the paper towel once he returned to the grill, ready and prepared. Looking around, he picked up the lighter fluid again, and added just a tiny bit more. After that, he relaxed, as his companion wasn't back yet. He would start it, but...

Suddenly, he saw a figure coming out...except it wasn't the one he expected. Befuddled, he watched as a little boy went up to him, face full of what seemed paint and holding out the meat. He blinked, staring at him curiously. "Mizzer Axel"...he chuckled low at that. He had to admit, it was sort of...charming. Could this be Xigbar's stepson? The kid appeared in a hurry, unfortunately, as he informed him that he had to clean up a mess, and handed him the plate. Axel took it, wanting to say something, but not getting the chance to as he began to leave. What was the name...Hunter, right? He watched, rather entertained, as he admonished the babies for them gawking at his red hair. What a funny dude. He wondered idly why he wasn't related to Xigbar, as they somewhat acted the same. Rubbing off of him.

At least he knew what was taking so long now.

Placing the dinner in a platform that was attached to the grill, he took out the match box that was always in his pocket. He didn't use it, however. Glancing at the surroundings carefully, he wanted to make certain everyone was in a safe distance for what he was about to do. The dogs were easy to shoo, Trillian obeying him the most, and the others, well, perhaps because they thought it would give them more meals.

As for the rugrats...he hesitated, before deciding to carry them over to a chair for protection. He went over to the boy first, picking him up in his arms as he almost fell when the canine moved by command. The mutt was thankfully cautious.
Jul. 31st, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC)
When she saw the strange new man pick Dilan up, Lady just about lost her head. She began hopping around him, barking her heart out. Braig whined loudly, and though he didn't make a move to harm the redhead, he certainly kept his bronze colored eyes on him. Heidi took a hint and rolled over to crawl after her brother. All Dilan could do was stare up wide eyed at the mop of red. He couldn't even drool, he was too amazed.

A loud laugh of a scream pierced the air after several minutes, and Xigbar walked out of the house, holding Hunter upside down over his shoulder. The little runt was giggling and laughing while his stepdad dropped him onto the trampoline, and then turned on the water hose to squirt at him. He squealed more in a fit of giggles as he tried to fight against the spray.

"Still don't have that fire going yet? Wanting us to starve? Come on, man," Xig turned the hose on Axel for a second, smirking. "Hurry it up!"

He turned back to washing his boy, who was laughing too much for his own good.

[ooc: pardon mah fail. ;~; ]
Aug. 2nd, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
[OOC: It's okay ^-^]

Axel didn't expect for the female of the mutts to start barking all of a sudden and for the male to keep his eye on him more than deemed comfortable. Every movement was being watched. They didn't appear to be taking any action, however, and he deemed it safe to continue taking the boy to the chair. Trillian would've helped him regardless, as she immediately went to step in between him and her new found companions, barking at them. Not in threat, or in warning, but as if she was relaying a message. The little baby girl seemed very smart, as she followed them without needing him to say or do anything. He was a bit impressed, and a smirk was on his face as he placed her brother into his seat. He had noted that the tyke had been gazing at him in big eyed wonder. What was so interesting? He usually wasn't good with kids.

The "connection" between man and toddler was interrupted by giggled shouts and screams as Xigbar entered the scene once again, with Hunter no less in an upside-down hold. Seeing them having their fun felt nostalgic to him for some reason, and he grinned wistfully when they started the water spraying. Letting out a low, "as if you would really do that" chuckle at Xigbar's remark and him pointing the hose at him, he waved him off, heading back to cook. "I'm getting there, I'm getting there. Just keeping your spawns protected and all."

When he reached the pan, he grabbed the match box that he took out earlier, and got one stick, not held back from doing what he wanted to now. Feeling his blood rush a little, he scraped the tip on the side of the container quickly, watching it spark a small flame...before flicking it over to the grill. The end result was grand, and it would have made him jump up and down in excitement if he hadn't any dignity. He pumped a fist as the fire swooshed up high in the sky in a show of orange and yellow, the heat reaching where he was standing. It took awhile to lower, a couple of minutes, actually, but he enjoyed it, keeping his sight straight on the blaze as if transfixed. Grasping the lighter fluid then, he waited until the proper time, ready to stand back, and let some spill to the coals. It was even greater, as it did not only shoot up more feet in the air, but it spread around like a gush. Barking a laugh, he looked over his shoulder at Xigbar, pointing at the display with his thumb. "HAH! Did you see that?! Can't wait till the explosives."
Aug. 5th, 2010 06:12 am (UTC)
Xigbar laughed loudly, shushing the dogs to calm them down from their suprise-induced bark-a-thon. When they were suitably quiet, he turned to his oldest child.

"You, boy! Don't ever do that until you've got your own house, and don't tell your mom that happened. She may just skin us alive, and then what will you do, huh?"

Hunter made a little dismissive sound and began jumping on the trampoline. The babies clapped at the display of bright lights and colors. Oh, they would both be trouble one of these days...

He sat himself between the two of them, pulling them over onto his lap. Although Dilan was more than happy to sit right where he was, Heidi was more for trying to climb up Mount Daddy. He entertained her with his hand, which she prompty started chewing.

"Well, Grill Meister, these explosives are pretty loud, at least if we cap them. If we leave them open, they'll just throw up a bunch of sparks and bright flames. We've got too many neighbors to cap them, but we could bury them, and that'd take care of the sound! But also the flame. It'd just be a big poof of dirt and grass."

He then held up a finger, as if just hit by an afterthought.

"Alternatively, we can head out to the empty parts of the beach and do it there. Or into the woods. It's rained enough lately that it's no big deal. The only issue is we'd have to find a baby sitter. The neighbor we had who usually did it passed away, and his wife was moved into a retirement home by her children."
Aug. 15th, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
It appeared to Axel that the rest of the dogs weren't used to fire displays, - their shocked reactions gave that away quickly. Not that they could be blamed. It wasn't every day someone came into the house and started to play with a storm of flames out of a grill for the hell of it. Trillian, however, was another story. His hijinks were a normal occurrence to her after the first initial surprise, and now she was skipping around his legs, barking excitedly. He crouched down on her level to pet her and rub her ears, which he got a lick in the face for and an euphoric tackle. Wiping off the thankfully small slobber for the second time today in this backyard, he shook his head, smirking to himself as he straightened up. He wanted to make another light show, but he knew he was just going to waste more time. That meat needed to be cooked.

The blaze had died down by this point and he went over to place one of the seasoned steaks on the grid with the tongs, as well as a couple of hot dogs for the kids. They probably would be more hungry in the long run, and they were always the first to eat. Watching the food, he heard Xigbar telling his oldest son not to speak a word of what happened to his mother. Truthfully, Axel wasn't certain if he would see Larxene today. He had a belief that the woman went by first impressions, and he couldn't think of any other conversation than them butting heads. He knew what she had said behind his back - childish, immature, no balls, etc. Which was hypocritical, in his opinion, considering her behavior wasn't any better. Xigbar didn't tell him, but he had his ways in searching what he was looking for. All he was going to do when they come face to face was greet her, act like an acquaintance, and...well, let it not escalate to something else. Not even explosions could top it. Though he usually kept his cool.

Distracted by words directed at him, he turned his head to find Xigbar talking about the said explosives, ironically. His body got naturally excited, but he kept his neutral expression as he thought about it. "Well, what do you mean? Like leave it for another day, or keep it to today? Cause I think we can take the kids to the beach if that's the case - more open space. They'll be alright."
Aug. 17th, 2010 06:18 am (UTC)
Xigbar smirked and shook his head. This boy was just too excited. He wondered, inwardly, if maybe after this the man would spend his evening with a little alone time with his hand. To Xigbar, Axel did seem THAT into everything.

He could see things turning bad from here, and honestly figured perhaps on second thought, the explosives might not end well. He didn't know how, but with as much as Axel was reacting to just a fire in a grill, perhaps something like what he'd made wasn't exactly the best idea in the world.

"We'll go after dinner, and after the kids are in bed. If nothing else, I'll just call Demyx or Riku and have them come watch the kids. It'll be really loud, and the last thing I need is one of my offspring going deaf this early in life."

In other words, maybe he could make Axel forget about it before then. Through his own psychiatric lessons he'd learned that the best way to calm oneself over a situation was to focus the mind on something else.

"So, what's been up with you, huh?" He sat in one of the outdoor chairs, and let his hand drop to the side, where Braig instantly sided up to him and nudged his way under it for a scratching.

Aug. 22nd, 2010 07:40 am (UTC)
"Then it's decided; after dinner. That means we can buy bigger ones along the way to the beach..." Axel trailed off quietly, once more flipping over the steaks and hot dogs before settling to look at the embers beneath them. He was quickly fixated on the flickering, small inferno, staying stock-still as his body went through a sense of calm. Of relief. That sort of gratification was doubled the more he gazed at the luminous dancing flames and the coals burning in heat. It would have been hard to get back down to earth if somewhere in the distance he didn't hear a voice speaking to him. He blinked, opening his mind back to the present and listening to the question Xigbar asked him just in time. He was slow to react, but he managed to close the lid, letting the food cook for a decided five or so minutes. Like he should have done a while ago.

He backed away from the grill and went to snatch a beer from one of the packs, feeling rather...exuberant. Like he usually did after messing with fire. The thrill he was into a while ago lowered to a small satisfaction, and he joined his friend, sitting in the chair next to him. He proceeded to open the cold drink first before answering. "I haven't been up to much, actually. Just working and enjoying the summer. You already know about my situation with the Unversed, and the injuries that came from it. After that was over, things went dull. Makes me wish I was still being hunted down while I continued killing them. I'm telling you, man, I don't even feel one inch of remorse about exploding them to smithereens in a building. Those are downright heartless bastards if I've ever seen any. You can't even imagine what I witnessed when I was spying on them."

The memory was still engraved in his head, and while it didn't affect him anymore, he couldn't believe people of that age were able to go that far. Letting out a deep breath, he inquired back, "Anyway, how have things been with you? It's probably more interesting than mine."
Aug. 24th, 2010 03:13 am (UTC)
Xigbar frowned inwardly, giving his dog a few rough pats to the shoulder before reaching for a drink himself.

"Yeah, unfortunately, fireworks are like... forbidden in Twilight Town or something. I tried to get some last year for a holiday in Radiant Garden, and I couldn't find any. I couldn't even have them shipped in. These'll have to do."

He set to trying to come up with an idea as to how to get rid of them without freaking out what could very well be a relapsing pyromaniac. He could just forget them on the table outside, but then he'd risk one of Hunter's friends finding it, or even it getting far too hot in the sunlight and going off in the middle of the day. He could text Larxene and have her come take them; between the two of them, the duo could come up with something to slip by Axel. He could hide them somewhere in the house and say he lost them. That may be the easiest. But he risked really losing them and not finding them again until after one of the kids had done so.

Decisions, decisions...

"Yeah, no, I didn't really keep track of that stuff. What happened? Who was that? The who? God, there have been so many gangs and shit through here, I can't keep track of them anymore. I hardly know what Riku calls his, I've heard so many stupid names."
Sep. 21st, 2010 05:59 am (UTC)
"Heh, stupid names is right. These guys are just another gang. The Unversed sort of...did unmentionable things to a friend of mine. A guy friend. Nasty stuff, man, so it pissed me off, and I got involved. Spent most of the semester fighting them. 'This was gonna to take forever', I figured after a long while, but you can't just easily back out on stuff like this. So I settled something with the leader's main lackey - if I survive an escape, freedom's mine. I succeeded. Injured, but succeeded anyway. I think I posted it in my journal. Got found on a beach by two girls, took care of me and all...which wasn't that bad in the end," Axel explained furtively, only smirking at the last bit of his sentence. It was a shame he couldn't recall their names - he was in painful daze back then. Taking a sip of his beer, he eyed Xigbar inconspicuously while drinking, noticing he had been acting oddly every time he mentioned the fireworks. It was vague to any normal person, but he was sharp enough to spot it, and he could tell something was up. He couldn't understand why or where it came from, yet the guy had been cautious for some reason these past few minutes. He wasn't sure whether to ask about it, however, so he kept up with the current conversation as if everything was alright. Actually...

Shifting his gaze over to Trillian to make certain she wasn't doing anything she wasn't suppose to, he proceeded to get up from his seat, knowing he had to check the food. Reaching the grill quickly, and opening the lid, he was met with a smoke of delicious smell. Cooking couldn't take so long; he was aching and drooling for that steak already. Flipping them over once more silently, he suggested to his friend behind him, "Maybe we should throw one firework to start it off, and save the rest for the night. The food is almost done. Whadda you say?"
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