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Who: Larxene and Marluxia
What: A long-overdue girly bitching session
Where: Living room of the house
When: Marluxia's first day staying with Larxene and family
Rating: PG-13 for Larxene's potty mouth and unpleasant remarks

It had been a long time. Far too long by her reckoning. So much of her life in the last nine months had been consumed by the children that she hadn't afforded herself as much alone time as she would have liked. While today she wasn't quite free of her eight-and-a-half month old twins, her oldest son was away with friends for the day, which afforded the petite blonde some much-needed time to bond with her oldest and dearest friend. Rare was the chance that she got to see him with him now being away so much, so she wasn't about to squander that chance.

The two were sitting together casually, curled up on the couch, the twins within arm's reach of their mother as the sat together playing quietly in their playpen. Larxene was, admittedly, relieved to have them playing well together and not starting up like they liked to do whenever company came by.

"God, I'm fucking wrecked," Larxene sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair, trying to control the slight tremble in her arm. She already knew she wasn't well and that no, she hadn't been to a doctor, but it could wait. "It would help if I had some extra help around the house, but there are just some miracles that don't happen..."


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Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC)
Marluxia leaned back on the couch. He was so glad he was now looking for an apartment and getting off campus. Also thankfully this meant he could visit this summer could last a bit longer, which then meant an extra week away from nobility crap. It was rather relaxing to say the least.

He curled up next to Larxene, absently playing with her hair. "Have you ever thought about hiring a nanny? Aurora and Alyss had one and that really helped Auntie. I'd be glad to help out however I could."
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