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Here We Are [CLOSED]

Who: Axel, Rikku
What: Rikku goes into her first interview with a manager.
Where: Twilight Town, Market Street
When: Wednesday morning, around 11AM.
Rating: PG-13...for now.

Axel sighed, wiping perspiration off his forehead with the back of his arm, as his hands were filthy with oil residue. He was finishing up minor work that consisted of replacing rear brake pads and discs. He hadn't been five minutes into the job, and he was already tidying up some loose strings before taking his break. Placing the 12mm bolts back into the caliper, he tightened them down with his wrench until it couldn't be moved any further with all of the strength he possessed. He let out a long breath by then, and immediately got up from the side of the front wheel after checking that everything was okay to go. It had been a busier morning than usual, yet he was finally off. Wearing only baggy pants and shoes, his upper body was exposed, and he enjoyed the cool air in comparison to his heated and damp skin. Relaxed with the sensation, he headed back from the multiple open car spaces in the rightly huge garage, and stepped through a door in the back, throwing the tool in a random box. He was met with the full blown air conditioned building once he got in, and was understandably freezing. Nonetheless, he continued forward down the hall that the entry led him into, and came out at the business center of their shop. Full of offices, clean floors, receptionists, and coworkers. He waved to a few, who looked just as haggard as him, and noted that he had to wash himself off. He wasn't exactly...the type of person to use shower stalls, but for now, he had no choice. He only had half an hour before the possible new recruit of theirs came in. He smirked to himself. That was definitely a bundle of eccentric. He wondered if she was seriously going to come in with that short skirt and low-cut blouse. Naturally, he had been messing with her, as he wasn't that sort of guy. But she was so naive, that he played up what the result would be. She seemed nice, anyway, albeit a bit hyper.

He was prepared for the interview, so he had all his "professional" clothes ready and set to be worn around the lockers. First was first, however: had to go under water and soap. Quickly.



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Sep. 30th, 2010 04:59 am (UTC)
It was probably just nerves, she should relax. But what if she really was sick? What if this was some stomach flu? Too early for that, right? But she had a weakened immune system, she could have gotten it from anyone. It could be anything! ... but surely it was just her nervousness making her stomach as unsure as she felt. Or maybe that late wasn't quite as soy as the menu lead her to believe. Or it could be nerves. Or she could be genuinely sick. Or she could be trying to talk herself into turning around and going home. She could always call Axel, thank him kindly, and inform him sadly that she'd come down with something. He'd understand, right? After all, surely tons of people get sick all the time...

"I don't think Cowardicocus Chicken Liverious is quite that common of a bug," she sighed, reclining further in her diver's seat. She stared over the wheel at the traffic light to Main Street, thumb tapping the gear shift idly while she tried to make up her mind. The engine rumbled in idle as it waited patiently in the shopping center parking lot. She could faintly hear the horses under her hood begging to be let loose. They usually weren't this gentle and understanding... or so she liked to think.

She sighed loudly and sat up, leaning on the wheel. She glanced over to the cookies waiting in the passenger seat. She HAD promised she'd bring the goodies... and she HAD promised Axel she'd be there... and she DID need a job. A year and a half's worth of medical bills were piled up against her, and even though she wasn't officially in remission, the collectors were come a knockin' already. Her father had offered to tax the Al-Bhed people enough to pay off her debts, but she had refused. She'd rather see her people advance their place in the world, rather than help her get off easy.

No, she could work. She WOULD work. She was independent, hard working, and wild spirited. She could handle it.

At 10:47 AM, she made up her mind and was quickly roaring down main street as fast as she could without getting in trouble with the law. At 10:52, she reached the garage, and rather than wait for the traffic to pass, she chose to just let inertia drift her into the drive way. She pulled into the employee parking at 10:53, and turned off the engine. Through the rear view mirrors, she could see the other workers peaking out and heading towards her car like a pack of Neanderthals might gather around a fire.

Fitting, she thought, smirking. She stepped out of the car, straightening her short-but-fitting black skirt and smoothing out her long sleeve, button up blue blouse. Resume and files in hand, she made towards the door, leaving her beast of a car to be gawked and gandered at by the veteran mechanics.

When she walked in to the office she was met with an air of strangeness. She felt out of place, or at least like everyone was watching her.

For the reclusive Al-Bhed, that was... not too pleasing of a feeling. She choked back her nervousness and moved towards a desk with what looked like a man that knew his way around the place.

"Excuse me, good morning. Hi, I'm looking for an Axel...?"

The man cocked an eyebrow, then grinned widely and leaned towards her.

"Babe, whatever you're sellin' that bastard, I'll buy him out. What's he payin' you? I'll double it, sweet cheeks..."

Great. Creepy old men. She made a face, then hid it behind her papers.

"... no, I have an interview at eleven."

"Oh. Take a seat, he'll be out in a minute."

No apology, no nothing! She scoffed inwardly and sat as far away from the man as she possibly could. Now she really wished she hadn't shown up.
Sep. 30th, 2010 07:18 am (UTC)
Having come out of the shower five minutes ago, Axel hurried to get ready. He had everything on by eleven o' clock, and now placed in the last accessory left: a mahogany belt, with a metal, spread winged eagle pendant in the center. This wasn't his usual style, and he didn't wear such a thing normally. But whether it was an auto shop or not, it was a very respectable one, just as any other professional business. His boss had specifically reminded him of it a million times over. They might work in cars and get dirty, but once that's over, they entered a corporation - first impression were a must. Therefore, he placed on black dress shoes, and a vaguely striped, black suit, jacket and pants matching. A white dress shirt was under, with the first few buttons left open. He had debated whether that little bit of his chest showing was good, but he didn't think it was a problem. He didn't want to appear like he had something stuck up his ass - that's why he ditched the tie too. Instead, he put on a man's necklace. And had his ebony wrist watch. His hair was always a spiky scarlet mess, so he didn't even bother.

He heard someone suddenly come in the vicinity, and turned around to find "Ace" there with a humorous grin on his face. Axel, understandably, raised a red eyebrow.

"You didn't tell me you called in a prostitute."

It took him a while to get what he was trying to mean, but when he finally realized who he implied, he winced, an amused smirk appearing on his lips. "Heh. She really went with that short skirt, after all".

"You were the one who told to wear such a thing? I was about to take her away with a hefty payment of my own," he chuckled, leaning against the doorway.

"Tch. Just like you to take my trophies."

"What can I say? You have a tendency for good taste. But seriously man, that was foul to make her come in that outfit with the men around. I hope you hire her though. I'll be coming every day just to witness that fine ass."

Finished, he took a one second pause at the words, and headed towards the exit that his co-worker was blocking. He wasn't going to lie, however, and deny he was curious. He hadn't seen her yet, and, if she was getting such a reaction..."I was messing with her, it wasn't completely on purpose. I'm guessing she's a ten, then?"

"Eight and a half. She has her boobs, but they're small. And she needs more meat on her bones. She would have been a nine if it wasn't for that. Everything else is a hit. She's waiting for you. Check it out."

Axel didn't respond anymore as he passed him to go to the hall, only flipping him the bird lightheartedly for the muttered "lucky bastard" thrown at him. He didn't make any pit stops, and simply headed straight to his office. He got through in the back door, shutting it behind him as he surveyed his premises to make sure nothing was amiss. Doing interviews were rare due to their long term employees. But with one mechanic dropping...they needed to find a replacement. Straightening himself, he walked to the main front door and pulled it ajar, his vibrant green eyes easily landing on the sole figure sitting there.

He gazed at her.

Ace wasn't kidding.

Oct. 1st, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)
The minutes seemed to pass by as eternities. Every second, Rikku pleaded with herself to go home. But she was already there, the boss was already notified, probably, and there was no backing out now. She could feel the heated glares of the secretaries and hear their angry whispers about "shitty replacement" and "bimbo slut."

A replacement? Ah, desk jobs weren't her style. She wouldn't be able to handle one without going insane, especially with machines just beyond that wall. As for the bimbo bit... was she REALLY that slutty looking? She didn't think so. Of course, she looked a bit odd before she left that morning, but Kuja and Zidane were kind enough to pull her aside and help her into something that made her look sharp and professional, like she'd been doing this interview thing a long while. She didn't think she looked bad...

... maybe it was the skirt, with a side of horny old men.

She turned away from the glares and stared out the window, watching a handful of the mechanics whistling and examining her car like a pack of wolves. She grinned inwardly and pulled out her remote. With the press of a button, the hood shot upwards and with the push of another the engine roared to life, murring in the parking spot like a caged tiger. They crowded around it, gasping and staring.

She giggled to herself, letting a sense of pride well over her. She'd built that thing from the ground up, almost, and it felt good to see hardened mechanics gawking.

The sound of a voice calling her startled her, and she jumped to her feet.


The first thing she noticed was the bright mop of red hair, then the bright green eyes, followed by the smirk and boy, was he tall. She watched him for a moment, before concluding, "... Axel?"
Oct. 1st, 2010 05:37 am (UTC)
"The one and only," Axel returned without missing a beat, opening the door fully and keeping his eyes on her face by force. Pretty face would the more correct term. He tried his best not to be rude, though. He didn't want to stare at unnecessary places he shouldn't be looking at when said person was going in for an interview with a future boss. He did take a peek at her body, but that was before he realized he was doing so. It was automatic, like any men. He could tell she had her curves, nice legs, but was rather skinnier than normal, like Ace stated. With some more fat, men would be dropping like flies. Not that she didn't turn heads already, but the perfect shape was just around the corner. He also didn't care for small breasts as did his friend, who he knew preferred the overblown fake plastic.

Overall, to him, she was a nine. Wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but he'd be lying if he said she wasn't sexy.

It was there he noticed he had been quiet for a while, and snapped out of it, keeping focus on what mattered. He had a feeling this was going to be somehow distracting later. Nonetheless, he motioned at her to come inside with his arm, holding the door like a proper gentleman. The thought made him bemused due to the irony. "Make yourself at home."
Oct. 1st, 2010 06:20 am (UTC)
Rikku smiled widely, resisting the urge to rock back on her heels and toes for fear of falling over in the high heels strapped to her feet.

"I had it memorized," she giggled at him before picking up the container of cookies and her papers and following him in to the office. Once she had escaped the glares of the secretaries, she felt much better and it showed as she let her shoulders drop in relief. As an after thought, she turned and shot her remote at the car. It beeped and powered down, setting the alarm when it was done. She grinned again and sat down. She smoothed her skirt before setting her papers in her lap and the cookies on the desk.

"Kind of a tough place here, isn't it?" she asked, drumming her fingers on her folder in nervousness. She quit as soon as she realized she was doing it.

"Thanks for this, I really need it. Yevon, I'm so nervous..."
Oct. 4th, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)
Axel raised both his eyebrows, a little impressed, not expecting her to counter his catchphrase. Shifting his eyes to the side at the remark and one corner of his lips raised, he waited until she walked in, following behind her without checking her out. Again. That had to be controlled, now or never. Letting the door shut by itself with a little push courtesy of him, he headed towards his desk, only slightly distracted when Rikku had some remote and did something with what he guessed was her car - he could hear the beep. He was interested in how it worked from such a distance....rather, how she could have one working like that, especially since they were inside a building. But he figured he would find out later. She did boast a lot about her skills. He just wanted some proof of it, just in case.

When he sat down in his big revolving chair, he noted when it was placed in front of him then that she really did bring cookies. He supposed sugar wouldn't hurt as a snack for the day; he could eat his own lunch later when he was done. The fact that they still gave some aroma made him aware that they were freshly baked, so that shouldn't be wasted; as long as they were chocolate chip, he was good. For now, though, interview. She shouldn't have truthfully commented on the environment, though he didn't blame her. "Tough place? Really? I don't think so - people here are friendly."

Too friendly, he added to himself, being reminded of Ace and perhaps all the male employees. He could tell this was going to take some getting used to, if he remembered Rikku's preferred manner of dress correctly. On the other hand, he understood why she felt uncomfortable right now: it always happened, to female guests even. "If you're talking about the girls here, forget it. They look down at any attractive woman because they aren't much themselves."

He eyed her amusingly, wondering why she would be so nervous around him. Fidgeting with her papers and all. Did he look intimidating?

"Just relax. Do I look like I bite?"

His voice lowered smoothly at the finishing question, with the last bit coming out in an unintentional husk. But he played along with it as he settled down, placing his arms neatly on the surface of the table and peering at her with a roguish expression.
Oct. 4th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
The last little tone in Axel's voice shot through Rikku and she bit her lip to keep her composure. Her toes curled in her high heels, but he couldn't see that so it wasn't that big of a deal, she felt. Had she the ability to blush, or shiver, she might have done so, and was inwardly glad that she didn't.

She bowed her head for a moment, shrugging a little.

"No, not really... I'm just nervous. I've never done this before, you know? I'm sorry."

Oh, she could feel it. She was going about this the wrong way. She should have just gone home... next time she would listen to her belly telling her things.

She was going to fail. She was going to fail, and she'd never get a job. She just knew it.

But she was there. Might as well give it a try.
Oct. 8th, 2010 05:33 am (UTC)
Axel simply smiled at the small, but satisfactory reaction from her, not faltering his gaze even when she looked down. He was aware...rather, he thought that a part of that centered on the sly question he asked, while the other was filled with genuine nerves about the interview. At least this time, she seemed to sense by voice his attempts at flirting more thoroughly, despite that he had to go a little harder than usual. Anyone else, and that remark he recently made would have gotten him slapped by a woman who wouldn't appreciate being come unto. Still, he had noted that Rikku probably wouldn't get what he was doing until he showed it physically, and that was overstepping boundaries. He didn't want a bad first impression, and she looked to be an alright person. Despite being naive, the girl was charming in her own way.

He expected that him saying if he looked like he bit would make her feel more comfortable in the fact that he wasn't being serious. That didn't work, unfortunately, and he wondered what he could do to calm her as he scratched his head. "Eh...don't keep apologizing, it's okay. I'm just going to give you a set of questions about your previous work experiences, ask for your resume, and have you take a test to see if the abilities you mentioned are actually factual. That's all."
Oct. 10th, 2010 03:16 am (UTC)
Although the mention of questions didn't help to ease her nerves, the promise of a test of skills caught her attention, and gave her something to look forward to. She grinned a little, crossing her ankles in a somewhat childish manner.

She scratched her cheek with one finger for a moment before shrugging a little. "I don't have much work experience. Not in mechanics, anyway. I've done plenty of programming and coding for various people and groups, including reworking a hospital's patient records system and making a website here and there...

"That's not saying that I don't have plenty of experience when it comes to machines and engines, though," she clarified quickly, before continuing on. "I mean, my entire childhood was spent on boats and in a society where machina are the air we breathe. Literally! If it wasn't for the machines filtering our air of salt, sand, and then shoving it down miles under ground, we wouldn't be able to survive like we do. And the flora and fauna around my home town would rather eat you as soon as look at you, so if you couldn't find what you had available and make something lethal and usable out of it, you were toast! Over cooked toast with far too little butter and nasty icky jelly! TOAAAAAST! I mean, back where I grew up, if you weren't taking things apart and fixing them again by the time you could sit up on your own, you were considered to have something wrong with you. I broke my first teeth on a socket wrench, for cryin' out loud!"

She was certainly enthusiastic, and by this point was on her feet, arms over her head. She eventually noticed her excitement, and after a soft cough, sat down in the chair again.

"I have a mechanical, cell powered robot otter in my car, capable of running for eight thousand hours before needing a power replacement. He can pull five hundred pounds through a raging riptide, and can fully operate more than seven hundred feet underwater, fresh or salt, and even has a salt-filter and a small heater. I'm... I'm lacking when it comes to ACTUAL work experience, but I'm no where near unexperienced when it comes to mechanics."

She scratched her cheek again, after nervously handing over her resume and papers.

"Though I do have just short of fifty hours of work along side Wilkinson and Son... usually doing little jobs here and there when Mr. Wilkinson's partner was otherwise unable to make it to the job."
Oct. 16th, 2010 03:31 am (UTC)
The first reaction made him believe he had succeeded in making her content, and was then willing to get the interview started. What happened after, however, sort of placed quite the, ah, damper on that plan. It began well, with her speaking on her experience, and then it became a ramble from there on out. He didn't even have an opportunity to ask anything, considering she answered them all in a rush without him just fine. All he could do, as a manager, was listen and catch on to what she was saying. Somewhat. He didn't bother to make any movements as she stood up unceremoniously in the...he supposed, moment of it all. And there was stark silence once she was finished. He wasn't sure what his expression was, but he was positive that he couldn't form words as to what had just occurred. She was lucky he wasn't some boss that immediately kicked her out for her behavior, not bothering to continue the meeting with an "unfit employee". That was their way of thinking, usually. He wasn't the type, and from what he did hear, she seemed to be much more into mechanics than he imagined.

So...Axel merely stared at her, taking the papers she handed him with a nod.

The rest of her sentences were much better to understand, and he took in what she said while looking over the documents. Not that he really needed to - she explained everything rather splendid before. A part of him wanted to laugh, finding the whole thing a little bit hilarious, but he didn't know how she would take it. Thus, clearing his throat, he decided to go over the next steps. "Well...I guess we can, uh, skip the questioning...part."

He smiled amusingly at that before picking up the phone, and pressing one button. He waited for the other end to pick up before ordering to bring him the new generational, dissembled engine. It was rare, due to it being only given to auto shops. It came out recently, few hours ago, and they weren't able to use it until a certain date. Nonetheless, to really test out this girl, he wanted to bring in something she had never seen before and build it from scratch. It was very complex, something an unimaginable expert couldn't decipher, and while he normally wouldn't do this...Rikku wasn't a normal mechanic.

If I could do it when I first saw it, so could she, he concluded.

Putting the ear piece back, he returned to looking at her. "So far, you seem very qualified. While you don't have much work on you, the important thing is that you have dealt with machines. I want you to create something from pieces. That'll be okay, right?"
Oct. 18th, 2010 05:54 am (UTC)
'Well, I don't know where she puts it in that tiny sack of bones,' old Cid used to say, regarding his late wife, and more recently his daughter. 'But damn, that girl has some long ass wind.'

The thought came to Rikku shortly after she ceased talking, and she looked down to study the floor while the manager spoke on the phone. Talking too much... Kuja had warned her against that. Talking too little... Zidane had warned her against that, too. Uncle Braska had summed it up real well, though: "Your answers should be like a skirt- long enough to cover the issue, short enough to still be interesting."

A smirk came to her lips at the thought, but she felt it quickly turn upside down into a bit of a pout. She had quickly dashed that advice to the ground, hadn't she? At least from what Axel was saying, she'd made a good impression, or at least an impression that seemed to have enough good to outweigh the bad.

The promise of a challenge and a chance to build caught her attention and she raised her head to meet one pair of green eyes with another.

"... that'll be fine," she grinned, giving him possibly the calmest answer she was able to produce at the time.
Oct. 23rd, 2010 08:03 am (UTC)
Axel raised an eyebrow - a habit he was continuously doing when it came to this girl. Veering his narrowed jade eyes around her face and letting them meet her gaze head on, his lips slowly evolved into a wild, almost fox-like smirk at the tone of her reply. He went to rest his head on the palm of his hand rather cockily, expression unchanging as the door behind him opened and two workers came in carrying a very heavy, huge box. The distraction did not faze him, and he didn't care about it as they placed the engine down on the side, deciding to stay in this position and let her work her magic. He did note, however, that the two guys took a good look at the girl before nodding their heads at him and leaving. Rikku didn't appear nervous now, that was for sure. Maybe this would be more up her alley. The girl was exuding some sort of confidence that made him give his out.

With his free arm, he gestured it towards the package, simply waiting for the result in the long run. "In that case, it's your show."
Oct. 27th, 2010 06:08 am (UTC)
As soon as she was given the go-ahead, Rikku was out of her chair and working at assembling the engine. She chose to forgo the shiny new tools in the box, and opted for her own, very familiar and worn in tools that she had stashed in her small clutch purse. Like a true Al-Bhed, she was never unarmed in the way of tools.

It didn't take her very long to put the engine together. What took up most of the twenty minutes or so was moving the heavier parts around, and trying to figure out how to do so without ripping or mangling her clothes in any way.

The heavy parts issue resolved itself, almost, when she selected one of the bigger men watching from the office door window to move things under her direction. The clothes were another issue. The blouse was expensive, and to be honest she was going to return it later- she couldn't afford to keep it. She gave a look to the men around her, then to Axel, feeling a little sheepish with the audience.

But this would be something she'd have to get used to, as she surely wasn't going to be working on cars dressed like that. And maybe it was a cheeky move, considering the circumstances, but years of living with men had taught her that cheekiness was the only way to really get any respect. She'd show THEM who had the balls in this neighborhood.

Off came the blouse, leaving her in a bikini for a bra. She felt comfortable enough in it as it was her typical garb. All she had to do was ignore the hooting and whistling. She easily ignored their wolf whistling and rude remarks by letting herself sink into the moment of creating and building. With the freedom of movement and the help of big, strong muscles, she was finished with the whole thing in a matter of six minutes or so. After a short moment of playing with tubes and wires, she even had it running for a minute.

Feeling satisfied and accomplished, she donned her blouse again, turning to sit down in the chair as she buttoned the last few holes around her neck.

"How's that, sir?" she asked, a grin on her face twice as smug and proud as she had ever been.
Nov. 13th, 2010 08:32 am (UTC)
It was an immediate action - for the two of them. While she flew towards the engine like a dart to a bull's eye, he took the preplanned stopwatch out of his drawer and clicked the timer the moment she started. This time, he laid back on his chair lazily, legs on top of the desk as he watched and waited. He didn't mind that she didn't use the tools presented to her around the office, but he believed there weren't going to be any more spectators other than himself. She couldn't handle the weight, it seemed, so she got some help from her possible future co-workers. Speed was good, skill was good, focus was good, and quick thinking was good so far. It was quite amazing, especially for a female. She had proven that she wasn't lying or exaggerating about how great she was mid-way through her work, and that was all the confirmation he really needed out of it. He always thought on hiring her, but as a manager, he needed evidence to make sure he had the right person. And he did. Luckily, with witnesses involved, he didn't have to deal with berating others about the fact that she "didn't deserve to be here" because of bitterness. Judging from the faces as they stared, she obviously earned it.

He thought the remaining minutes left would be easy; that she would be done without any incident. As he passed a hand through his face tiredly, however, he brought it down to find his eyesight blessed with Rikku taking her blouse off and abandoning it without much shame. The movement was so unexpected that his brain didn't process it right off, yet once it did, he froze, blinking once. He was gawking at her unabashed without noticing he was doing so, and that was merely out of shock. When he actually realized that she was only donned in the top part of a bikini, and her skin and...really nice body were rightly exposed, he looked down out of respect for the, erm, her. Then he looked back up again to have the image ingrained, but reminded himself that the right thing to do was to avert, his eyes. But a sneak peek or two wouldn't exactly hurt...she knew the consequences of taking off her shirt. Him not ogling didn't stop the men from hollering and hooting.

Even when he heard the engine roar a bit, he was so boggled into whether or not he should just keep focusing on her and what she was doing that he almost missed her going back to her seat. He automatically halted the stopwatch with a blank expression, yet didn't glance at the time. Letting out a breath, he eyed her, noting she had her shirt back-on. It didn't matter, though, considering he knew what was under it and wasn't bothered by having a helping of it aga-

He shook his head mentally.

He needed to concentrate, and control his hormones. At least, until after his hours were done for the day.

Regardless, when he finally checked the timer, there wasn't much to say except, "You're hired."
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