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An Important Announcement

Hey everyone!

We have an announcement and, to be honest, it's not an easy one to make. After much consideration and talking about it for a while now, we've made the very difficult decision to close TTU down.

TTU started after we had some bad experiences with a godawful RPer and we wanted a chance to spread out and have fun with our characters and that's exactly what we did. We never expected that our little idea would make it to a little over two years old and have such a good run. We've had our high points and our low points and we've loved meeting each and every one of you. Unfortunately, no matter how much we've all tried, TTU is dying and we'd like to pull the plug before it becomes painful to watch. There are only so many times a community can die and then be brought back to life and, we don't think that it can be brought back this time.

We think of TTU as our baby and this is just another chapter in our lives that is coming to a close. It's been a great two years you guys, and who knows, maybe another RP will come along and we can all join in together again. We wish you all the best of luck in your future role playing endeavors and you all know how to get in touch with us. Don't be strangers! ♥

Signing off the final time,
Your mods
Chrissy and Keely