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Twilight Town University

A Kingdom Hearts/ Final Fantasy RPG

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"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand" - Frank Herbert

[1.] Warning: This roleplay contains (but is not limited to in any way, shape, or form) varying degrees of yaoi (boyxboy), yuri (girlxgirl), and het (boyxgirl), with the occasional smut scene thrown in for good measure. If this isn't your cup of tea, then maybe this rp isn't for you.

[2.] Respect. We're all adults here, therefore we all should have the ability to treat each other with a little respect. We're all adults here and we should act like it and not let little things cause a huge rift.

[3.] Respect Part II. Please keep in mind that OOC drama should not have an influence on what goes on in the RP. If you have issues with another player, please try to take care of it before it explodes to the point of having an influence on what goes on IC.

[4.] Spelling and Grammar. Spell/Grammar check is your friend! Take this notion to heart! Use it and abuse it! Poor spelling and grammar tends to make people twitchy.

[5.] The Original Character. This isn't the place for original characters. Sorry! Please stick to the canon characters from either the Kingdom Hearts series or the Final Fantasy series.

[6.] OOC =/= IC This might be an AU roleplay, but, we still like to see our characters as in character as possible. Please keep in mind that just because you know something OOC, it does not mean that your character knows. Characters need to learn things IC, not just suddenly know them because you do.

[7.] Godmoding This rule shouldn't even have to be stated, but we feel it is now necessary. Godmoding is completely unnecessary and will not be tolerated. This includes doing anything with a character that isn't your own without the full permission of the mun of that character. We have no tolerance for this kind of behavior and will have consequences. You will receive a one week ban after your first offense. If it happens again after you initial ban, you will be asked to leave.

[8.] The Mary Sue. This is something else we hoped would never have to be on the list, but after discussing things among ourselves as well as with someone else whose opinion we respect, we've decided that we need it. No Mary Sues. Ever.

[9.] To Be Accepted. After you finished reading over the rules (then and only then) go to the application page and fill out an application. Leave the finished application in a comment to the application post with the subject line reading as follows: [The character you're applying for] // School House Rocks! This way, we know that you've read and accepted the rules. Any and all applications missing this or any other requirement will be denied.

Rules effective as of May 9, 2009

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